Save the Dolphins of Taiji

Dear Dolphins lovers and fellow animal rights activists,

As a Dive master for years in the Virgin Islands, I have seen and swam among the bottle nosed dolphins.

Since I watched the documentary The Cove, I have been haunted in thought about what is going on in the world with dolphins and in particular in Japan.
Each day I think about what more can I do to stop this from starting this year as the month of September approaches?

I have personally asked Asian friends if it is true in that people of Japan are not aware of what is happening in Taiji, with confirmation that they do not know.

If you have not seen the film , please do and please also sign the petitions and write the letters recommended to take part in stopping this horrifying event to come to a halt right now!

Here are some of the links to get started:

Thank you
Marilyn Brunet

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